We understand that your property is an investment. Whether you're looking for mowing services for your home or business, we want our customers to know that we take pride in the quality of our mowing. Spend less time mowing your lawn and more time enjoying your landscape. Country Club Lawn Care is here to do the mowing and lawn care work for you. 


Our mowing division has many years of experience in all phases of mowing and our customer focused approach makes the mowing experience just that, an experience. We want the mowing experience for our clients to be as effortless as possible. We are happy to meet any reasonable requests you may have for your property to ensure customer satisfaction.


At Country Club Lawn Care and Landscape we take pride in what our turf grass looks like. All of our maintenance practices are in accordance with Iowa State University recommendations, from our fertilizer and weed control programs to the height of our mowing. We pay attention to the smallest details from custom curb edging to blowing out beds, sidewalks, driveways. We maintain the highest level of quality. 

Country Club Lawn Care & Landscape

Country Club Lawn Care & Landscape


Key Benefits of the Service

  Extend your home with a beautiful lawn
 Aesthetic curb appeal for you and your neighbors
  Detail oriented mowing staff
  Spend your free time with your family
  Regular mowing schedules promote healthy turf

Country Club Lawn Care and Landscape has over 15 years of lawn mowing and turf grass experience.
From residential to commercial, we have the ability to maintain your lawn no matter the season.
At Country Club Lawn Care and Landscape, our commitment is customer satisfaction. We go above and beyond to keep our employees happy, so that you see a familiar face from season to season.


FAQ: Mowing

We base the scheduling of our clients on the following: Open availability for existing or new route: Route density and efficiency: With the price of fuel and labor, we route just like UPS and Federal Express. If you must have Friday, there will be an added cost if it does not fit our existing route, just as next day air will cost you extra with UPS.
Please let us know 7-10 days ahead and we will provide weekly service the day before your party. With a 14-day notification, we can also provide a detail crew service, mulch, pruning and seasonal color so that your property will look its best before your party!
The right height will cause less damage to the blade of grass so the plant is under less stress. This in turn will allow for better vigor which will help shade, fend off weeds and protect against insect damage.
Wherever and whenever we can recycle the clippings back to the turf grass as grass blades we do so, and leaves being 80% water and nutrients, are the very best compost for building long-term highly organic soil. We only catch when an area is too small or we may get too many clippings in gardens. In the spring and summer (peak growing season), a double cut may be necessary to avoid bagging.
The length of time spent watering varies depending on several factors such as: soil type, season, and weather conditions. What we recommend as a “safety net” schedule for spring through fall is 20-30 min, 3 times a week. During this time, you should make monitoring soil a habit to avoid the possibility of under or over water.
At CCLC we sharpen our blades every day to maintain a great lawn. Homeowners that mow their own lawn should sharpen their blades every 8-10 mowing hours.
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