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Country Club Lawn Care & Landscape

Our spring/fall clean-up service is the process of removing all leaves, branches and other debris that have accumulated over the course of the summer/fall season. It is important for the health of your landscape and turf to remove these materials to prevent snow mold and winter kill.


Fall cleanup practices are a great way to keep your landscape looking cleaner as well as the removal of problematic leaf buildup going into the winter season. This is also a good time to cut back any tender perennials (i.e Daylillies and hostas). This is also the last mowing that you will receive in a season. How we leave your yard is how it will look all winter. 


Spring cleanups are a great way to remove those pesky leaves blown in from neighbors or late-dropping trees, giving your turf and perennials a head start in spring. A sharp look sets the tone for the rest of the season.


Key Benefits of the Service

  Removal prevents snow mold and winter kill
  Leaves your yard clean and tidy going into winter
  Invigorate your turf to start off the spring season
  Deters rodents from nesting near your foundation
  Spend less time raking. Enjoy the fall season.

Over a decade of lawn and turf maintenance experience
Provide you with a timely fall/spring clean up for your residence or business.
At Country Club Lawn Care and Landscape, our commitment is to provide you with a thorough fall/spring cleanup to give you the best looking lawn


FAQ: Grounds Maintenance

Leaving the leaves in the yard can cause dead spots as well as snow mold.
Fall cleanups pick up majority of your fall dropped leaves as well light pruning of any perennials for winter dormancy. Spring clean ups get those pesky leaves that blow in from the neighbors or any late dropping trees.
Aeration is best done in the fall and involves perforating the soil (plugging) will small holes to promote new growth and allow water & air flow, allowing for a stronger, more vigorous lawn. Over-seeding is an option if it’s in an area your trying to thicken up or if it’s a high traffic area.
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